hilli salted nuts 6
house pickled vegetables 8

steamed oysters, ginger, shallot, shaoxing 4ea
barque banh mi plate 19
spiced seared tuna, green relish 19
chilli salt squid 19
duck & shitake spring rolls 18
mekong fried chicken, whiskey caramel 16
spiced lamb sausage, mint riata 24
silken tofu, tamarind, sesame 18
crunchy sprout salad, peanut, papaya 18
stir fry mushroom, green onion, sesame 18
asian greens, fermented soya bean, garlic 18
whole fish crispy fried, black vinegar, pickled vegetables m/p
langostine tail, green curry, snake beans, holy basil 34
crispy skin duck, spiced quince 36

beef cheek massaman curry 28
satay pork ribs, peanut sauce 28
chargrilled beef, lime, lemongrass 34

fried potato, schezuan pepper 8

steamed jasmine rice 4

chocolate mousse, chilli choc caramel, salted peanut brittle 14
sweet sticky yellow bean pudding, vanilla ice cream 14
barque sorbets 14

Barque Ginger Beer 4
Asian Mint Tea 4
Fresh Young Coconut 6

tap these beers
Erdinger – Germany 7
Sapporo – Japan 7
Stowford Press Cider-UK7

Chillcotinii – chilli vodka, coconut juice 18
Doraimatini – gin, vermouth, lychee 18
Saketini – vodka, sake, star anise 19
Lemongrass Mojito – rum, mint, lemongrass 17
Misty Sailor – rum, pineapple, coconut 17
Girls Blouse – zumbrowka vodka, chambord, apple18
Green Tea Sin – brandy, green tea, lime 17
Ginjaninja – vodka, coconut, ginger 18

tea and coffee
Tobys Estate Coffee – black, small, big 3.5/4
Tobys Estate Teas – pot with leaves 4